Booking A Kerala Tour: Advice For Making The Ideal Holiday Trip

Kerala, often known as God’s Own Land, is home to many breathtaking views and a vibrant culture. Any visitor to this fascinating country can find something to enjoy in the state. Hence, you must first choose the type of vacation you want, and then arrange accordingly. The sites you can visit will depend on the dates that you choose for arrival and departure. 

The tour organizers can help you choose the locations you can visit within a set amount of time. Tell them first what kind of holiday you are organizing, such as a family trip, honeymoon, adventure trip, pilgrimage, etc. This would aid them in determining the kind of bundle that would work best for you.

Make a point of choosing locations that are more nearby one another so that you don’t have to travel far. After deciding the locations you wish to visit, book your tickets. Your arrival point should be close to where you intend to spend your holiday.

The tourist season in Kerala is seen as lasting from September to February. The beaches of Kovalam, Varkala, Mararikulam, and Cherai, as well as the hill stations of Munnar, Nelliyampathy, and Wayanad, are popular tourist destinations in Kerala. The state’s tour companies also offer adventure tourism, spice excursions, and nature hikes.

If you’re in the state on a pilgrimage, there are many different places to visit, including mosques, churches, and temples.

The most important thing is choosing the appropriate Kerala trip package that the tour operator offers. It is best to schedule your houseboat excursion on the second day of your trip if you intend to go with your family while visiting Kerala. You’d have plenty time to enjoy the cruise.

Even if you can rent a houseboat for an overnight stay, it is preferable to spend the night at a hotel or resort if you are traveling with children. Obviously, kids will be kids, and once the houseboat is anchored for the night, they will become impatient and bored. Yet an overnight stay on a houseboat will be extremely enjoyable for those who are on their honeymoon or traveling without children.

If you have time and want to explore more while you are in Alappuzha, look into packages that let you go to places like the beaches in Alappuzha and Kochi, Thekkady (where you can visit the Periyar National Park), Kumarakom (where there are backwaters and a bird sanctuary), the Athirappilly waterfalls, Munnar, and other hill towns nearby.

Do not attempt to visit every one of these locations in the allotted time if you have a very restricted amount of time. To truly experience any of these places, you need time.

When planning a honeymoon in Kerala, couples should consider visiting areas like Kovalam/Varkala beaches, Alappuzha/Kumarakom (the backwaters), Munnar, Thekkady, Nelliyampathy, and other hill stations, as well as Athirappilly waterfalls. These are some of the state’s most romantic locations.

Kerala offers opportunities for those seeking adventure, including river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, safaris to see wild animals, and trekking.

You should consult your tour planner before deciding which Kerala attractions to visit in order to determine how long it will take you to travel between them. For instance, if you are on your honeymoon in Wayanad and want to visit the popular tourist destination of Kovalam Beach as well, you will need to be ready to travel a lot because both locations are at different ends of the state.

So, it is best to visit a beach on Kerala’s northern coast, such as Bekal, Kappad, or Beypore, while you are in Wayanad.

It is best to reserve your packages, lodging, and tickets in advance to prevent confusion if you intend to spend your vacation in Kerala during the peak travel season. Hence, when you are here, all you need to do is relax and have fun; don’t worry about lodging, transportation, or anything else.

Try some of the delectable Kerala cuisine while you’re here.

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